I’ve always considered myself to be an intelligent, strong, independent & career driven woman. I had imagined me as an executive in the industry that I so loved very much and achieved it. I was Vice President of operations in a well known company in this industry and I had achieved my goal. I felt that I had finally made it! Woohoo!!! Now what?

As a few years went by, managing a demanding career with traveling requirements, raising 2 children, and being head of household, a wife, the only thing that I actually looked forward to was going to work. I loved being a mom and being married but was always so tired and always running around like a chicken without a head! Everyone around me praised me how I “handled it”…unbeknownst to what was really going on inside me! Can you resonate?

I was also raised with the mentality that you must work hard and sacrifice to earn a living and that took priority over everything else… including myself! This meant sacrificing myself and I was not aware of this until I was almost 40 lbs overweight and literally went up a size in my clothes to hide my body! Not to mention I was tolerating my husband’s verbally abuse and infidelities year after year and then found myself quitting my dream position and demoting myself working for a different company in hopes to gain more time and space to breathe! But all I did really was give more of myself away.

All in all, I was seemingly happy for years, but everything was taking a toll on me and realized that the strong, confident and independent woman no longer existed. I was appalled with myself. Here I was entering my 50’s! Smack in the middle of midlife and knew that my life circumstances at the time did not present me with any kind of quality and happiness in life! Holy crap!! Was this all there was? A very scary thought indeed!!!!

I figured it out, of course with some help and only after a lot of personal growth training, reading, coaching by a few awesome coaches plus the need at that point to transform and make the second part of my life the happiest! The reasons I found were many but the bottom line everything was a priority but me. I forgot about myself by making myself unimportant when other “things” grabbed my attention, especially work where I excelled! I needed to do something and decide in a split second, that no matter what, I would put my happiness before anything and surely within two years, I divorced my husband and started to prioritize myself in every area of my life including my career.

My transformation was refreshing, rejuvenating and I felt I was a new person. I changed my lifestyle by changing my eating habits and most importantly my mindset about what could be in my future if I took steps to achieve it. I reinstated my self-belief and rebuilt my confidence in what I was capable of doing for myself and my life. And I didn’t accomplish this on my own… had help which I am soooo grateful for!

While having a 13-hour day, I was able to take online courses and obtain my health and life coaching certifications in 6 months. I received my certifications in 2017 with The Health Coach Institute recognized with the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and began coaching women my age, as a hobby, to change their lifestyle and become health and mind conscious. I created a program for divorced women over 50 to teach them the importance of self-care, healthy habits and show them how taking care of themselves improves and excels not only their career or business but their romantic relationships as well as their quality of life, which is what we all aim for right?

Being an example of my program results has opened up so many opportunities for me including starting my own coaching business and have since committed to dedicate the rest of my professional life to guiding and helping women in their midlife years to achieving the same results I have achieved and beyond!! Yes, I have left the industry I so loved behind but no longer could offer me the quality of life I want! After all, confident, independent women don’t settle for mediocracy instead they look to shine and thrive so they go after what it is they want!

It’s never too late to start living a life that fulfills you! I wondered if I would have wanted this life when I was in my 30’s or 40’s and the answer is no! So, if you find yourself in your 50’s, you are exactly where you need to be to make that transformation and enjoy the life you really want!